Story 01

Machiya of the Meiji period

Kanazawa Tsukiya was born after renovating machiya built in early Meiji period. We hope to bring new life to Kanazawa machiya inherited from our predecessors and appreciate the value and tradition of Machiya.
The interior of the restaurant expresses historical and modern, new and old, combinations of different materials, and newness born from retreat.
Here is a space for healing, not just design using a lot of natural materials and materials from Ishikawa area.

Story 02

New sensitivity to
traditional cuisine

Ishikawa has a lot of impressive ingredients that passionate producers make.
Using the ingredients cultivated in the village mountains and the village sea, we provide new sensibility to Kanazawa traditional cuisine.
In addition to ingredients, we choose tableware and glassware made in Kanazawa and Ishikawa, traditional techniques, crafts and agricultural products that we can be proud of and we positively contribute to local consumption.

Story 03

The wish that
we contain the crest

The design of this crest is inspired by the decorative material called Gekyo for the roof ridge.
Gekyo means hanging fish and it is attached as a fire protect by hanging fish deeply related to water. It is also said that people who went through the Gekyo would imagine the entrance to the paradise. We sincerely wish to make customers who visit Tsukiya fully enjoy the cuisine as if they are in the paradise.